Saint Teresa Community Outreach and Empowerment

Saint Teresa Community Outreach and Empowerment is a Catholic grassroots community organization that addresses poverty among disadvantaged women, families, and all others who are wounded, searching, or feeling socially and/or economically trapped.

This program blends healing, hope, and joy through spiritual empowerment and a focus on self-determination programs for systematic change.

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How We Serve the Community

Literacy Programs

The nature of the Literacy Programs, including ESL, ABE, GED, PACT, PPT and CE, are to increase skills and to further a constituent individual or family’s education. Specific target group is adult women with little or no English or reading skills, often with a need for a high school diploma and other skills offered in this program. The ESL service continues to be the only program offered in the community. The learning atmosphere is conducive of a warm, friendly family environment. Child care and transportation are provided.


English as a Second Language


General Education Development

High School Training


Adult Basic Education

Low-Literacy Programs


Parent and Child Together Time

Family Literacy


Children Education


Parent as Primary Teacher

The Cockfield House

In 2007, Saint Teresa Community Outreach and Empowerment moved into the the Cockfield House at 125 Valley Street. The following year, the 88-year-old building gained recognition as an historic building by the Florence County Historical Commission.

The property retains much of its period architecture despite confronting countless storms, and it is in critical need of interior and exterior repairs, restoration, and ADA compliance. The house hosts all of Saint Teresa’s primary and administrative services and, despite a lack of funding, there is a powerful volunteer-driven endeavor to repair and preserve the building’s integrity.

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