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Lake City Walking Tour

Saint Teresa Community Outreach and Empowerment (STCOE) has developed a Lake City African American History Trail Virtual Tour.

If you’d like, you can peruse the Tour listings before setting off on your own in-person tour.

The Walking Tour runs on the Echoes Explorer mobile app— free, and with no ads!

African American History Trail Tour

The roots of African American history runs deep in South Carolina, providing a rich history that spans over three centuries and every corner of the state.

Stories of the enslaved and free people of color to civil rights activists, politicians, educators, pastors and many more all contributed to this history. The constant struggle for equality and freedom is often seen in these stories.

Lake City was no exception and this rich legacy lives on in the city at historical sites, remnants, oral histories, and cultural traditions. This tour highlights some of Lake City’s historical African American sites while telling the unique story that Lake City contributed to African American history in the state of South Carolina and the nation.

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